Dynamic Movement Intervention

You will always play an active role in your child’s treatment plan. Our services are always personalized around your child’s area of concern and coupled with the latest technology and research. 

Gross motor skills are an essential component for reaching milestones of growth. At Let’s Grow Pediatrics, we work with children to control and move their bodies by offering Dynamic Movement Intervention to improve those motor skills in a loving, supportive environment and help catch up on missed milestones for effective childhood development.

Dynamic movement intervention utilizes dynamic exercises that provoke an active response from a child improve automatic postural responses and promote progress toward developmental milestones.

What is the Dynamic Movement Intervention?

Dynamic movement intervention is a therapeutic technique specifically used for children with motor delays by stimulating neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to adapt and function in response to experience. What makes this therapy unique among other forms of physical therapy is that it incorporates the latest research and technologies to stimulate children’s neurological connections and motor skills, regardless of their level of cognition or disability.

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