How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Child’s Balance And Motor Skills

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How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Child’s Balance And Motor Skills

If you wonder how physical therapy can improve your child’s balance and motor skills, read on in this guide from Let’s Grow Pediatrics in Edmond, OK.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is often thought of as a way to rehabilitate adults after injuries, surgeries, or trauma. While this is true, the profession has also made great strides in recent years for the development of babies and children.

Early intervention is key for preventing any long-term negative outcomes from poor motor skills or mobility. Physical therapy can be used for babies as young as a few months old to children up to 14 years old. It is a powerful tool for improving strength, stability, confidence, and motor milestones in children, as well as treating chronic conditions, preventative care, and more. Physical therapy can change the lives of many for the better.

What Are Signs My Child May Need Help With Balance And Coordination?

Have you noticed your child having difficulty with walking, navigating the playground, not being able to hold onto things, or having poor posture? These are all possible signs of balance and coordination issues. Balance and coordination skills are vital for many daily activities like paying attention, being aware of one’s body, having muscular strength and endurance, having postural control, sensory processing, and motor planning. If these skills are impaired, it can lead to major problems with everyday activities.

How Can Children Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Playing is an essential part of a child or young kid’s learning process, so physical therapy for them will involve a lot of play-based activities to target and strengthen particular muscles and promote specific movements. This kind of play not only boosts their motor skills, but also encourages a physically active lifestyle and helps with brain development.

Some children may have certain medical issues or injuries that may lead to pain, which can not only restrict a child’s movement, but also be difficult for them to articulate. If the issue is not addressed promptly, it can lead to further issues in the future.

Fortunately, when a physical therapist begins working with your child, they will start by conducting strength evaluations, analyzing gait and posture, assessing flexibility, and checking the range of motion. This information will help the physical therapist determine what physical limitations or impairments your child is experiencing and create a personalized treatment plan to address them. Every child’s condition is unique, so the therapy programming is tailored to the individual.

How Can My Child Benefit From Early Intervention?

At Let’s Grow Pediatrics, we believe in taking proactive steps to prevent delays and learned compensatory patterns in children with developmental diagnosis. As such, we recommend that a physical therapy referral be obtained prior to the first signs of delay. We offer evaluations for developmental disabilities, torticollis, and plagiocephaly from as early as 1 month of age.

What Physical Therapy Treatments Are Available For My Child At Let’s Grow Pediatrics?

Here at Let’s Grow Pediatrics, we provide a variety of physical therapy treatments to help your child meet their developmental needs. These include:

  • The Universal Exercise Unit, which uses pulleys and weights to improve balance, muscle control and motor skills.

  • Dynamic Movement Intervention, designed to challenge the child’s motor skills through repeated, dynamic exercises.

  • Intensive Physical Therapy, which consists of intense, week-long sessions to improve posture, maintain movement and make up for lost milestones.

  • Muscle and Joint Strengthening exercises to help kids regain range of motion and control after serious injuries.

If your child is under 18 years old and has some form of injury or delays in development that is affecting their quality of life, he or she may be a good candidate for intensive physical therapy. To find out more about our treatment options and how your child can benefit from Pediatric Intensive Physical Therapy, reach out to Let’s Grow Pediatrics in Edmond, OK. Call 405-562-3485 to schedule your consultation today.

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