How To Choose The Right Pediatric Physical Therapist For Your Child

You will always play an active role in your child’s treatment plan. Our services are always personalized around your child’s area of concern and coupled with the latest technology and research. 

Choose The Right Pediatric Physical Therapist

Pediatric physical therapists specialize in improving children’s mobility by instructing them in specific movements and activities that target specific issues and impairments. Dr. Abby Jones at Let’s Grow Pediatrics is ready to help your child reach all their goals and milestones. You and any other child’s other guardians must get along with the therapist and the rest of the practice’s staff, but they should also have a relationship with the child. No matter the reason your child needs physical therapy, choosing the right therapist can be challenging but will come to be one of the most important decisions to make.

When choosing the right therapist, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Do they accept my insurance?

  • Do They Specialize In My Child’s Condition?

  • Will My Child See the Same Therapist Each Session?

Many children can benefit from intensive physical therapy. Common reasons for using intensive therapy include but are not limited to the following: post-stroke, post-traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, neurological disorders, genetic conditions, down syndrome, and sensory processing disorder.

Do They Accept My Insurance?

Unfortunately, this is the first question on the list, but it’s essential. Begin your search by identifying providers in your area that accept your insurance and your child’s. Ensure that you understand all of the pertinent details. Many pediatric physical therapists accept multiple insurance plans, the last thing you want is to commit to one before learning they don’t accept your insurance. This is a prudent place to begin. Additionally, your insurance company and pediatrician should be able to assist you in locating a therapist in your area.

Do They Specialize In My Child’s Condition?

As we’ve previously stated, pediatric physical therapists specialize in a variety of ailments. A therapist who specializes in treating sports injuries may lack the same expertise in autism spectrum disorders. A therapist may specialize in treating patients of a specific age or younger. Make sure to find a therapist who specializes in your child’s particular needs. Do not be afraid to ask the big questions.

Will My Child See the Same Therapist Each Session?

Your child may have the same therapist for every session or be part of a rotating lineup of them. Some children may have a greater response to therapy if they have a close relationship with a single therapist. Others may benefit from being socialized with a variety of new adults—particularly children with autism. Ask how the clinic typically operates, and if they are capable and willing to accommodate your preference.

Children are exposed to numerous repetitions of an exercise, developmental movements, and functional abilities. Children with neuromuscular deficiencies require this specific approach to master developmental abilities such as sitting, crawling or walking. Repeating something over and over again gives the brain a chance to learn or relearn using the theory of neuroplasticity to form new neural pathways.

A session of intensive therapy is often beneficial for children who would typically require a year of traditional therapy to accomplish. Children can enhance their daily accomplishments and progress to the next level of autonomy. Intensive therapy has been beneficial when a child has reached a plateau in traditional therapy or after another treatment (Botox, serial casting, surgery).

Let’s Grow Pediatrics is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and treatment options, every aspect of our practice has been curated to help provide your child with maximum safety & efficiency at all times. Call us at (405) 562-3485 and schedule an appointment and be one step closer to finding the perfect partner for you and your child’s success.

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