5 Benefits of Intensive Physical Therapy

You will always play an active role in your child’s treatment plan. Our services are always personalized around your child’s area of concern and coupled with the latest technology and research. 

Child Intensive Physical therapy session

Many tasks can be challenging to perform for children with some form of injury or delay in development. At Let’s Grow Pediatrics in Edmond, OK, our pediatric physical therapists work with children to help them control and move their bodies to the best of their ability. Intensive physical therapy works by using the repetition of motor movement in a guided process. In this article, we highlight five benefits of Intensive Physical Care. 

What are the 5 Benefits of Intensive Physical Care?

  1. Intensive Physical Therapy is flexible.
  2. Intensive Physical Therapy helps kids thrive in different real-world areas.
  3. Intensive Physical Therapy delivers benefits faster.
  4. Intensive Physical Therapy with a pediatrician makes your child more comfortable.
  5. Intensive Physical Therapy is more effective than traditional treatments.

Did You Know That Intensive Physical Care Is Adapted To Each Child’s Needs?

Each child has different goals and needs that will require different program adaptations. Generally, intensive care is provided over the span of three to four weeks. Each session can last up to two hours for three to five days per week. At Let’s Grow Pediatrics, our goal is to observe and respond to your child’s needs during this time to help them improve their quality of life. The therapy should be flexible and easy for your child and your lifestyle. The goal is for your child to make incremental improvements to achieve the best results. 

How Does Intensive Physical Care Help Kids Thrive?

Intensive Physical Care uses repetition to teach your child how to sit, roll, crawl, walk, and play among other things. Repetition is important because it helps with language development, emotional comfort, and concept attainment. Children learn more from repeating activities rather than simply doing the action once or having someone explain the action. Repetition gives the brain an opportunity to continuously relearn using the theory of neuroplasticity to form new neural pathways. With consecutive days in therapy, children can build on their daily improvements and achieve the next level of independent functioning and movement. 

Consider that Intensive Physical Care Accelerates A Child’s Learning Process

Children’s brains are built as they interact with their environments moment by moment. Intensive Physical Care quickens the progress of newly learned movements and functional skills. A session of intensive therapy can help a child grasp a goal that would usually require a year of traditional therapy to achieve. 

For the best results, children should receive intensive care as early as possible. Early intervention within the first 5 years offers a vital window of opportunity to shape the course of a child’s development and build a foundation for their future. Even past that age, a child from any age group can benefit from intensive physical care and the dedicated & experienced Let’s Grow Pediatrics team.

Why Is Intensive Physical Therapy More Effective With A Pediatrician?

Physical therapy is a challenging commitment for anyone. Children include an additional hurdle because of their special requirements, health considerations, and need for one-on-one care. At Let’s Grow Pediatrics, our team specializes in providing exceptional service to children and adolescence. Our Pediatric Board-Certified Specialist is one of only 17 in Oklahoma who has been trained, tested, and certified to safely and effectively provide physical therapy treatments to children. With experience, education, and commitment, our team has provided successful treatment to many families throughout Oklahoma County.

How Can Intensive Physical Therapy Be More Effective Than Traditional Treatments?

Traditional physical therapy has successfully provided movement solutions for many patients. However, traditional physical therapy is often a passive and minimal treatment plan that relies on a patient’s training to continue at home. Intensive physical therapy differs because you can progress or maximize a child’s potential enormously by working with them for concentrated periods of time. 

It is not uncommon for our patients to come from a traditional physical therapist where development has plateaued. Our staff and therapists are committed to pushing through these plateaus and meeting your child’s full potential. Whether you have tried physical therapy before or are a parent searching for treatment options for your child for the first time, Let’s Grow Pediatrics offers quality treatment, experienced specialists, and pediatric-specific equipment and methods that can make a tremendous difference. 

Can My Child Benefit From Intensive Physical Care?

If your child is under 18 years old and has some form of injury or delays in development that is affecting their quality of life, he or she may be a good candidate for intensive physical therapy. To find out more about our treatment options and how your child can benefit from Pediatric Intensive Physical Therapy, call (405) 562-3485 to schedule your consultation today.

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